Frequently asked questions

Questions commonly asked by our clients


Is there a free trial available?

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What are the pricing options?

We have standard pay-as-you-go pricing or fixed monthly/annual fees. We also offer tailored solutions based on customer needs

Is there customer support available?

We offer dedicated customer support channels with our business and development teams, ensuring you have a smooth onboarding experience

Is your product secure?

Our product has passed a PwC audit, with architecture and design reviewed by leading experts in the government and AWS

Will you retain any data?

No, we do not keep any personal or sensitive data passing through our system. We only retain metadata for log keeping purposes


How does the integration process work?

We provide standard API endpoints for Companies to access Government data through us, and provide end to end support for the license application process

Do you provide a testing environment?

We provide a standard testing environment for developers to trial out our APIs using sample data, allowing smooth transition when developers go live with our production APIs

What customer support do you offer?

We provide Slack channels and direct email support for our techincal clients. For regulatory and business related questions, our dedicated account managers will be more than happy to assist you


How do you charge?

We can provide pay-as-you-go billing or fixed fee billing. For enterprise clients, we can offer more custom plans depending on your needs

Do you offer yearly plans?

We offer yearly plans at a 10% discount to monthly prices

Do you provide on premise deployment?

Yes, for enterprise grade clients, we can offer on premise deployment to ensure data is sent directly to you