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Making government data easier to use one digital identity at a time


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Empowering organizations through government data

At Fill Easy, we are passionate about making it easier for organizations to access government data. We understand the immense value that government data holds in driving decision-making, innovation, and societal progress. However, we also recognize the challenges that organizations often face when trying to navigate complex government systems and access the data they need.

We bridge this gap and empower organizations by providing a streamlined and efficient solution for accessing government data - enabling organizations tofocus on what they're best at.

Our mission

At Fill Easy, our mission is centered around harnessing the power of government data for positive impact. We firmly believe that government data and government technology is a valuable resource that can drive societal progress, inform decision-making, and promote transparency. By making government data accessible and actionable, we aim to empower organizations and individuals to create safer, faster and better online interactions.

Making the digital world a faster and safer place - for both citizens and the organizations that serve them
Enabling greater access to online finance, healthcare and government services for people around the world
Building the key infrastructure for a more interconnected world
Love the simplicity of the service. Easy to use integrations that allows our Company to onboard users in under 1 minute
Leading Hong Kong Bank
Simple to use APIs that accelerated our iAM Smart integration - Definitely recommend to any Company looking to use iAM Smart
Top 3 University in Hong Kong
Excellent developer support provided by Fill Easy, from addressing userflows and UI/UX concerns, to technical support when conducting integration
Listed Estate Agency in ASEAN
Saved over 2 months of development time when using their solution to integrate with Singpass - Fill Easy got us up and running in under 2 days
IT Solution House in Singapore