Feel Safe
with Fill Easy.

Fill Easy uses Bank-level encryption to protect your data.
Your data security is our Number #1 concern

Filleasy's Security Explained


We encrypt all your data with AES-256 and hash all personal information


We regulary undergo cybersecurity audits to ensure your data is safe with us


We only use trusted Cloud providers, such as AWS or IBM to provide our service

Security Techniques

Private and Confidential

All personal data is deleted in our server within 10 minutes of recieving it from iAM Smart

Biometric Authentication

We use Biometric Authentication to ensure it's always you behind the screen, and prevent others from accessing your data

End to End Encryption

At all times, only you have the ability to unencrypt data stored or sent to us

We are NOT collecting...

Specific Account Details

Your bank account, insurance policy numbers, credit card numbers or any other senstive information are never collected

Personal Data

We will never share your personal information e.g. your name, address or phone number without your explicit consent

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