We make iAM Smart Integration Easy

iAM Smart workflows for customer
authentication, data requests, or
digitally signing with 2 API calls, using
HK’s First Government Digital Identity.

Our Services
Services we offer

We are an iAM Smart solution provider, leveraging this novel technology to propose various Digital ID solutions for a wide range of use cases. We provide companies easy-to-use APIs, to leverage the benefits of iAM Smart and redefine the way they interact with customers.

We help you handle all the compliance, encryption and system intregration,
allowing you to focus on your core product.

OGCIO Compliant

We are fully compliant with Government IT Security Policy and Guidelines, and audited with PwC

Custom Deployment

Each of our clients get their own dedicated container

AWS Security

Our containers are hosted by AWS in a private VPC making sure not even we can monitor it

Our Investors and Partners

We work with and work for a wide array of different clients to bring the Fill Easy service to you!


Use powerful
iAM Smart APIs



Ensure that you are interacting with users authenticated by the government



Obtain basic user details such as Full Name, Gender, DoB, and HKIC



Seamlessly onboard users digitally by obtaining proof of address



Ensure maximum security by signing off documents with iAM Smart+ users


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