Frequently asked questions


  • What does Fill Easy do?

    Fill Easy is Hong Kong’s best in class government data system integrator. We help companies in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific to access government data, and use this data to lower costs, improve customer outcomes and enhance regulatory compliance.

  • Why should I use Fill Easy ?

    Fill Easy has extensive experience with government data system integration, with our robust and secure API middleware platform, helping you save time, money and expertise when using government data to transform your business. From designing user journeys, deploying and hosting scalable cloud resources, to ensuring ongoing compliance with government regulators - we got it all covered.

  • Who is Fill Easy?

    Fill Easy is a company founded by HKUST Fintech alumni, who saw the potential of government data in transforming the finance, healthcare, education, and many other industries. We wanted to play our part in driving Smart City adoption, enabling customers and the companies that serve them to leverage the power of government data in making data-driven decisions.

How it works!

  • How do I contact your sales team for more information about your services?

    You can contact our sales team by clicking here. You can also email us at We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with more information about our services.

  • How long does the integration take?

    Our projects usually take an average of two months - from initial ideation to production launch. Our technology and experience running these projects allows us to deliver a higher quality use case in a fraction of the time, while minimizing internal resource use.

Data & Privacy

  • Do we keep personal data?

    No, we do not keep track or store any of your personal data, and fully comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

  • Where are your servers hosted?

    Our servers are hosted in AWS, and we provide a choice of which region to host our servers, to ensure client's fulfillment of their respective regulatory needs surrounding data and privacy.

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