What Is IAM Smart?

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Fill-Easy
iAMSMART is a government-provided online platform, which stands for “internet Access by Mobile in a SMART way”. The platform provides digital services in a centralized and personalized manner, enabling users to use all iAMSMART services on their mobile devices, wherever and whenever, all in one stop.

With Fill Easy , we provide an integrated solution for companies to effectively adopt “iAM Smart” authentication, form filling and signing function for their online service.

Moreover, we realized that iAM Smart provides a single digital identity that enables users to use a convenient and secure way to access online services and conduct online transactions.

Our team at Fill Easy is determined to incorporate this added layer of identification and authentication into our own systems; as such, we are currently exploring all the possibilities digital identity provides and researching how we can weave this concept into Fill Easy.

To learn more about all of our ongoing research and development, stay tuned to our blog posts!

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