What Is Digital Signing?

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Fill-Easy
Digital or electronic signatures (also known as e-signatures) are simply digital versions of signatures which hold legal power. Much like an electronic fingerprint, digital signatures tie a coded message back to the specific person or legal entity that provided the signature, acting as an authenticator.

In Hong Kong, digital signatures are just as valid and as traditional signatures done with pen and paper. In fact, the validity of electronic signatures were recognized as far back as 2000, under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance a passed by Hong Kong’s certification authorities.

As Hong Kong’s operations grow to be more and more digitized and driven by technology, digital signing has become more relevant than ever. And with Hong Kong’s iAMSMART functionalities as a blueprint, we were able to integrate the idea of digital signing and centralized authentication to create Fill Easy: our iAMSMART-compliant product that seeks to elevate iAMSMART’s existing concepts and technology to an even more advanced state.

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